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How to import all of the default block definitions into a drawing.


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ProCogo XL


I've received a drawing from another ProCogo XL user. When I try to insert a block, none of my default blocks are there. How can I load my default block definitions into this drawing without having to import them one at a time?



This is easily accomplished by creating a new, empty drawing, and then importing that drawing into the main drawing. Even though the new drawing appears to be empty, it does in fact contain all of the default block definitions that are listed in your "C:\Users\Public\Emerald Data\ProCogo XL Common Settings\Default Blocks\" folder.

First, create an empty drawing and save it.

  1. Click the "New" button to create a new, empty drawing.
  2. Click the "File menu", and then "Save", and save the drawing.

Now import the empty drawing into the main drawing.

  1. Open the main drawing in ProCogo XL.
  2. Click the "File menu", then "Import" and then "Drawing File..."
  3. Select the empty drawing that you created above.
The block definitions from the empty drawing are now imported into the main drawing and ready for you to use.
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