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How to share layer settings with other users.


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Is there a way to export layer definitions so that I can distrubute them to other users?


The default layer settings are stored in a file called Settings.ini which is located in C:\Users\Public\Emerald Data\LotPlot Subscription Common Settings.  To share these definitions with other users, copy the settings.ini file to the same location on their computer.

Important - Do this first!

To create the settings.ini file, you must first save the layer settings "as default".

  1. Click the "Layers" menu and then "Edit Layers".
  2. Make changes to the layers as desired.
  3. Click "Save as Default".
  4. Now click OK to close the dialog.
The settings are now saved in the settings.ini file.  If the settings.ini file does not yet exist, it will be created.
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