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"Unknown Spatial Reference" warning when importing shapefiles into ESRI ArcGIS software.


Applies to:

Subdivide 12


When importing a shapefile into ArcMap that was created by Subdivide, you get the following warning message.


Unknown Spatial Reference



Shapefiles created with Subdivide do not include coordinate system information.  This information is typically stored in a *.prj file, which Subdivide does not create.



Before importing the shapefile into ArcMAP, first edit it in ArcCatalog to define its coordinate system (which will in turn create the *.prj file as well).  The following instructions describe how to do this in ArcGIS 10.1.

  1. In ArcCatalog, right-click the shapefile, then choose "Properties".
  2. Click the "XY Coordinate System" tab, then click "Projected Coordinate Systems".
  3. Select the coordinate system that your shapefile is based on (ie: when you created it in Subdivide).  For example, if the shapefile is based on NAD83 state plane coordinates, you would select "State Plane", then "NAD 1983 (US Feet)", and then choose the particular state and zone for your area.
  4. Now click OK to save the new settings.
You should now be able to import the Shapefile into ArcMap.

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