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How to manually back up the Info-Retriever database files


Applies to:

Info-Retriever 15



How do I manually make a backup copy of the Info-Retriever database files?



The actual database files for Info-Retriever are stored in a folder called \Database, which is located in the main Info-Retriever installation folder.


You should ALWAYS make a backup copy of the database files whenever you are importing data into Info-Retriever or are about to run the database repair utility.  There is no way to undo an import operation, so if you make a mistake, having a backup makes it easy to restore your database and try again.


The process of making the backup is very easy and involves simply copying and pasting the \Database folder to a temporary location.


  1. Open Windows Explorer (or My Computer).
  2. Browse to the main Info-Retriever folder.  This will normally be on your C: drive in the Program Files folder.  If you have a network version of Info-Retriever, be sure to look on your server, not a workstation.  (If you installed Info-Retriever 15 on top of a previous Info-Retriever 12, 14 or Info-Retriever 2008 installation, this folder might be called Info-Retriever 12, 14 or 2008 instead of just Info-Retriever.)
  3. Inside the Info-Retriever folder, find the \Database folder, then right-click it and select "Copy".
  4. Now browse to a temporary location to save the backup, right-click and then select "Paste".  This location can be a temporary folder, a flash drive, or some other hard drive on your computer or network.


What is copied (backed up):

  • Database files containing contact, property, and survey control data.

What is NOT copied:

The technique described above only makes a backup copy of the actual "database" files in Info-Retriever.  These files contain the basic client, property, and survey control information that you have entered.  Other information (listed below) is stored externally in other locations and is not included in this manual backup.  

  • Documents
  • Attached files
  • Images
  • Templates
  • Custom reports

How to restore a backup:

If you need to restore the backup that you made above, first make sure that all copies of Info-Retriever have been shut down and then simply copy and paste the backup copy of the \Database folder back to its original location in the Info-Retriever folder.  Warning:  If you've made any changes in Info-Retriever since the backup was made, they will be overwritten and lost when you restore from the backup copy.




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