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Can GPS Coordinates be used with Deed-Chek or Subdivide?


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Subdivide 12


Can I use GPS coordinates with Deed-Chek or Subdivide?


Support for entering GPS Coordiinates (latitude & longitude) is provided in Subdivide 12.  To enter latitude and longitude into Subdivide 12, press F2 when drawing to bring up the latitude/longitude entry dialog box.

Latitude and longitude support is not included in Deed-Chek 12. However, several programs are available that can convert latitude and longitude to state plane coordinates, which can then be entered into the Deed-Chek/Subdivide software as northings and eastings.

Below are links to programs that are provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the National Geodetic Survey. Both of these programs are free of charge. (disclaimer: None of the programs or links below are endorsed by A.G.T. or Emerald Data. They are provided here as a convenience to our customers) 




NGS Geodetic Toolkit: SPC


This link allows you to convert from latitude/longitude online:


IMPORTANT: Make sure you set the conversion software to the same coordinate datum that your GSP receiver is configured for. For instance, if you GPS receiver is configured to use NAD83, then you must set the conversion software to NAD83 also.


Entering State Plane Coordinates into Deed-Chek/Subdivide

Once the geographic coordinates are converted to state plane coordinates, they are easily entered into Deed-Chek/Subdivide using the following guidelines.

  • Any time the program prompts you to enter a point, or the bearing of a line, you can enter a coordinate instead. 
  • Enter the northing, then the easting, separated by a comma. (example: 9032844.98, 243944.21).

Basically, anytime you are at a command prompt where you can "draw" on the screen, you can also enter a coordinate.


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