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How to move Info-Retriever to another computer.


Applies To:

Info-Retriever 15 both single-user and network server installations.


How to move an existing Info-Retriever database to another computer.



An Info-Retriever 15 database is made up of the following folders.








These folders are always located in the main Info-Retriever folder in "\Program Files". (Note, workstation installations do not include the actual database, and therefore, this does not apply to them). Moving the database consists of simply copying these folders to their respective locations on the new computer or server. If the new location has a different drive letter or share name, then you will need to reinstall the Info-Retriever workstation portion of the program on each workstation using the NetSetup.exe program.



  1. Install the full Info-Retriever program on the new computer or server.
  2. Start up the new Info-Retriever installation, and then shut it down. This simply makes sure that a new, empty database is properly created.
  3. Now copy each of the directories listed above from the old computer to the new one. These must be copied to the main Info-Retriever folder (probably in Program Files) on the new computer.

That's it. You should now be able to start the new installation and access the database.


Workstation Installation:

If the computer or server is configured using the same share name and drive letters, then no additional work is required for the Info-Retriever workstations on the network. If the share name of the new installation has changed, or the drive letter that maps to the network drive has changed, then you will need to reinstall each workstation as follows.


To reinstall the workstations:

  1. From each workstation, browse to the main Info-Retriever folder on the server and run NetSetup.exe.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen. Use the default settings unless you have a specific reason to do otherwise.


Additional Issues:

The instructions above will move all of the data that Info-Retriever directly manages. This includes contact and property information as well as images and custom reports. If you have created and saved documents in the /Docs folder, they too will be moved, however the links to documents saved elsewhere on your hard drive or network may no longer be correct. For instance, if you stored documents on your server as F:\Company Documents, and you move them over to a new drive called G:\Company Documents, the program will no longer see them. In such a case, you must map the new location so that it looks just like the old one. The same is true for the files listed in the "File Attachment" portion of the program. This is especially true if the new installation is at a different location than the previous one.



If after installing, the workstations are unable to access the server, please see knowledgebase article:


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