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What UTM Zone am I in?


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Subdivide 12



I am entering Latitude/Longitude into Subdivide to be converted to UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) grid coordinates. To do this though, the program asks me to enter the UTM zone that I am in. How do I find out what zone I need?



UTM Zones are made up of a number from 1 to 60 and a character.  For example, "17R", which is the UTM zone for the main portion of Florida.  If you don't know the UTM Zone for your location, click the link next to the zone field and select your location from the map that appears.  There are also a variety of charts available on the internet that you can use to determine your UTM zone. One such map is available here.



If you plan to share your drawings with a land surveyor, or if you plan to export it to a GIS system you should consider using state plane coordinates instead of UTM.


More Information:

The worldwide UTM grid is divided into 60 longitudinal (vertical) sections which are numbered 1 to 60. The grid is divided further into 20 latitudinal (horizontal) sections which are labeled by the letters "C" through "X". The letters "I" and "O" are omitted to avoid confusion with the numbers one and zero. Together, these numbers and letters designate UTM zones for the entire world with the exception of the north and south poles.


Additional Links:

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