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No More Users Allowed


Applies to:

Info-Retriever 15 Network Version



When attempting to start Info-Retriever from a workstation, the following message appears, even when no other users are logged into the program.


No more users allowed.

The maximum number of users for this 

version of Info-Retriever has been reached.

Try again later when fewer users are using

the program.



This situation occurs when the workstation user does not have full read/write access to the main Info-Retriever folder on the server.



Make sure that each workstation or user has full read/write access to the Info-Retriever folder on the server.

  1. On the server, start Windows Explorer (or My Computer) and browse to the Info-Retriever folder, which is probably located inside of Program Files.
  2. Right-Click on the folder and select "Sharing and Security".
  3. Click the "Sharing" tab and then select "Share this folder". 
  4. In the Sharing dialog (above), click Permissions.
  5. In the Permissions dialog, set Everyone to Full Access as shown below.  Make sure that all the checkboxes in the Allow column are checked.


 In most cases, this should solve the problem.  If, after following the above steps, the problem still occurs, please try the following.

  1. Uninstall each workstation and then reinstall using the Info-Retriever share that you created above.
  2. If the problem still occurs, as a last resort do the following:
    1. Uninstall, then reinstall Info-Retriever on your server, this time install it outside of the Program Files folder.
    2. Set the sharing and permissions settings for the new folder where you installed the software (see steps above).
    3. Uninstall and reinstall each of the workstations, using the new share and installation location.
    4. if you already had data stored in Info-Retriever, you will need to move it to a new location also.  To do this, open the old Info-Retriever folder on your server and copy each of the subdirectories there to the new Info-Retriever folder.
If none of the steps above solve the problem, please contact AGT support at


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